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Holistic Human Development was incorporated in 1991 as a nonprofit religious corporation to organize and disseminate the collected writings and teachings of Murshida Vera Corda (1913 – 2002), an American Sufi teacher whose work promotes and guides holistic human development. The teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and others have inspired Murshida Vera Corda’s work. Over the last fifty or so years of her life, she revealed aspects of this work in lectures, seminars, training sessions, retreats, and publications. She helped thousands of people to reach greater levels of awareness and to bring into their daily lives spiritual consciousness through action.

Murshida Vera’s wide-ranging interests, experience, research, and divine inspiration led her to study such diverse facets of human development as couple and family relations, healing (with prayer, breath, medicine wheel, and crystals), religious philosophy (including meditation, concentration, and the paths of goddess, master, saint, and prophet), women’s new moon practices, children’s Universal Worship, and education (including child development and rearing, classroom instruction, art education, and educating the whole being).

Holistic Human Development’s purpose is to make the enormous breadth and volume of Murshida Vera’s teaching generally available and to further develop this work for application to mainstream fields of education, developmental psychology, family studies, the arts, women’s studies, and religious philosophy.

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