Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.
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Welcome to the digital audio archives of Murshida Vera Corda's teachings. The lectures span a great range of topics from many years of her teaching in different Sufi orders. The audio quality of the lectures varies but the depth and expanse of her teaching and the magnetism of her voice are a blessing for us now.

An index guide accompanies each lecture: The Jerusalem Trilogy Commentary index guide has a time reference; the Healing lectures have a summary guide. The indexing for Murshida Vera's audio lectures is a work in progress; additional lectures and topics will be added as the index guides are completed.

We offer gratitude and appreciation to Zahir Roman Orest for the transfer of these precious talks to digital format. Mu'min Nurah Haq did the available indexing; Yasmin Ottinger, Salima DeMots, Candice Romanow and Mu'min Nurah Haq are working on additional indexing.

This audio archive will continue to be developed along with the organization and digitalizing of written materials. Please make a donation to Holistic Human Development, Inc. to support this most valuable resource.

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Mu'min Nurah Haq

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    049a Journey of the Heart to Illumination
    Stages that Sufis have traditionally gone through for many centuries, part of our teaching comes down through a chain of masters from Moineddin Chisti; patterns and methods that are part of a tradition passed on from master to chela; sufis known as far back as Abraham; sufi as union of oneness; way to presence of the divine being; tests of life are steps that lead to awakening; following of one master in a lifetime; yogi and sufi teachings on the chakras; the oldest sufis; die before death; behind every soul is a spirit; out of body death experience; world of light; sufi beginning on the path; lower chakras; only through experience that the human soul progresses; every test of life is a step to illumination; importance of first infant's breath; the setting of the sun ( beginning of the first awakening); all elements must be practiced and learned; etheric breath; awakening of the heart; contemplation and concentration; meditation; kundalini practice; purification practices based upon breath; rhythmic breath and holding the breath.
    049b Journey of the Heart to Illumination, tape 2
    Ablutions; sanctification of our being; we are one with the kingdoms; sun practices; inner and outer sun; the miracle of the sun; Prince Hiraj; inhaling the light; the second awakening; barriers between angelic plane and nature plane; destruction of the elements; take responsibility for our acts; sword of light; choosing the path of light; ritual; the invocation; quality of the feminine; entering the soul consciousness; the Quddus practices; the heart is an entity; Ya Bari; Ya Musawwir; divine grace; illumination; God lives within the heart of man.
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