Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.
Children’s Blessing

To be spoken by parents over their children

Beloved One,
God, Goddess, Great Spirit,
mother and father of the whole humanity, bless our children.
Give strength and health to their growing bodies.
Nourish the seeds of love, harmony, and beauty that have been
planted in their hearts.
Let light stream into their souls.

Dearest children,
May you always feel the presence of the angels and archangels.
May you feel the spirit of true friendship.
May your lives be inspired and protected by the prophets, saints,
masters, and nature spirits.
Let grace and joy fill you and show you your life’s purpose
as we hold hands, sing and dance, walk and work, play and pray together,
walking the path of light together,
making this world a better place.

We are thankful for the presence of you, our children!
May you always feel our strong and gentle love.
May you know that we treasure your precious beings
and feel the trust we have in you to listen
to the Spirit of Guidance
that lives in our heart.
May the blessings of God rest upon you now and forever more.