Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.
Healing Lectures

The following 32 lectures were given by Murshida Vera Corda over a 20 year period. These lectures include various topics related to healing.

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015a Healing techniques for the Infant
Recognition of the cry of the infant; mastery of baby's rhythm have to master your own rhythm; intake of food; suckling; important that infant learns to be by itself; sounds; child tuning out; boredom of the infant; body fatique; we learn mothering and fathering; walking and patting the infant up and down on the chakras; humming with the infant; sleep patterns of infant related to diet of the mother; infants go through transitions; vibrations of caretaker are tremendously important; turning changes the mood of the child; turn to the left; dancing with the infant.
015b Healing techniques for the Infant (continued)
Father images for children; light into hands by rubbing thumbs; mothers working on the front side of baby, fathers work on the spine of the baby; explanation and demonstration of massage techniques for the infant. Be aware of infant's nostrils; rapid breathing; baby grunting on the exhalation; seizures; fevers; infants have to have physical activity; urinary track problems; loving the infant.
022a Sufi Healing Methods
This addresses the home healer and caretaker. Healing depends upon attitude of mind, heart and condition of the soul. Reinsure patient that they are God's perfect child in God's perfect universe. See condition perfectly healed; have to be clear reflector of own philosophy; use the glance; practice of inhaling the rays of the sun daily; sufi healing uses the magnetism and the electro-magnetic body of the healer; insight and vision of the healer; dismissal of psychic energy using salt; hospital visitations and working in hospitals; healer's attunement to divine light; can use magnetism of own body; healer as a hollow reed; keeping channel always clear; using crystal as reflector of sunlight; contemplation, concentration, visualization as Hazrat Inayat Khan teaches; inhale in from glance of patient; sense when patient is done with healing; love is greatest palliator of fear and pain; benefits of humming a tune; inhaling another's pain and offering it up; turning has healing in it; humor in healing.
022b Sufi Healing Methods (continued)
Visualizing the perfect image; always keep things used as spiritual impress covered; healer in prayer; healing prayer Nayaz; impress of objects; must always work to keep our channels clear; ablutions; fasting; healer must be a clear channel; apple cider vinegar bath; working with rays of the sun and mother earth.
044a Healing Lecture 11/3/84
Murshida Vera answers questions from students. Questions include: what can you do to help infants ground to the earth, what does the healer do when working with a patient with a split personality, sending healing to places in the world, how to protect oneself from the negative energy of the receiver, breath when healing. Much of what is dealt with in healing stems from the emotional body. Mental body contains the thought forms from the outside and the thought forms from within. Thought forms are entities and houses need to be purified regularly. Extremely important in healing to touch the heart and soul of the patient. Divine inheritance.
044b Healing Lecture 11/3/84
Spirit is the power behind the soul. The healer has to intuit how to help someone release from the body; hard to work with someone who has lost spirit to want to live or heal or be transformed; sufi healers use the power of God flowing through; healing at a distance; God conscious state; healing as a service to humanity; glorification practices; giving up self will and the lower self; recognition of the Divine being within; healer has to reach God consciousness; Murshid Sam had the ability to know when he was needed; attune to individual at a distance; visualize person in mind's eye and draw circle of light around person's body; send positive impress; higher sense of hearing through the practice of Shaghal; etc.
156a Healing with a Sufi Sage, tape 1 - 9/11/99
Healing that MVC has known and practiced; things that are laid on us physically force us to do the work that otherwise we would not; the natural way demands full work on oneself; stick with one method; each one of our bodies is a complex chemistry, the universe within is more than the universe without; inner work is the primary and final answer; we learn by the physical tests. We learn contemplative prayer when we have faith; begin by praising Allah; one does not heal oneself or another without praise to God and faith; Ya Basit, close the outer and listen within, builds faith that controls the inner systems; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Understand the senses of the bodies; we are made up of the elements; importance of the 20 breaths; basic groundwork of self healing; Allah Shafee, Allah Khafee. Importance of daily practice of Shafee, Khafee, Suban Allah, AlhamduLillah, Allaho Akbar. Know where organs are so can place practices in correct place. We are a part of the universes beyond our universe; space is pure light; get rid of concepts; open our beings to the truth. Sufism based on the heart teaching. Concept of I am is part of the expanding universe. Working on the chakras; begins with the fire element; all fire becomes light in it's higher vibration.
156b Healing with a Sufi Sage, tape 1 - 9/11/99
MVC's grandmother trained in Germany in herbology; one is healed only by the herbs grown on the land your feet touched. MVC visiting Indian's in Yosemite valley with her grandmother. MVC entered high school 2 years early. Learning to do the kundalini practices, chakras, etc. Grace of personal healing by contemplation, visualization, concentration. Al Ghazali was killed in the most horrible way; study of Surawardi and Al Ghazali is important. MVC's desire to see American sufi orders unified. How does one become a healer of self? Most important prayer is Nayaz. What I do is coming to me by the power of the Holy Spirit, "Thy will be done". We are the verification of the creation of God, we are used for the divine purpose. Spirit chooses love relationship of parents to incarnate. Individual will important in self healing. Emotional evaluation of self before physical changes in mid age. We are connected with spiritual families in the spirit world.
157a Healing with a Sufi Sage, tape 2 - 9/11/99
Practices: gazing at infinity; eyes are extensions of the universe. Gaze at a flower, teaches about sexuality. Gazing at a face of a friend, glimpse of the inner being. Walk in nature, my eyes are God's eyes seeing the creation; inhaling reflected light in nature and taking to the heart. Every kingdom of nature has light in it. See mind in matter; look at auras of people not their faces; visualize auric egg surrounding person. Strongest light and magnetism of the body comes out of the shoulder blades ( wings). Bring energy from shoulders down with breath, etc. for healing. Will of God alone which enables one to heal. Magnetic field of the individual, aura of that individual, own recognition have electric energy to use; heels of thumbs together and rub together, feel heat and put hands up to head of individual which you visualize, etc. Light of smile and eyes, use magnetic field of our body around person, etc. Work on the light body. Next, you are healing through the glance. Develop the power of the glance in nature, inhaling from the vegetable, animal, etc. kingdoms. Walk barefoot on the hard sand gaining magnetism. No one attains ectasy without suffering. Power of light and magnetic field is so great. Ya Basit, close the door to the outside world and go within. Work on negative and not photograph when working on healing of those in absentia. See light body. The light of our own being must be worked on; Ya Nur practice; Ya Muqaddim practice. To get rid of guilt and fear; Hu, Hayy practice. Dhal Jalali wal 'Ikram practice as a zikr. MVC singing Nayaz. Questions and answers.
157b Healing with a Sufi Sage, tape 2 - 9/11/99
Question and answer period continues. Questions on immunity from diseases for children; vacinations; we build the soil of illness within ourselves by our thought forms; purify greens and vegetables that you eat; test food with crystals and pendulum; apple cider vinegar and water; shifting of earth's plates and magnetic fields affect us; homeopathy; finding out what one's body wants and needs is very important; can't stay on spiritual life with purification with elements with out the body reacting to shiftings in the enviornment; mother earth is an entity; nature has a cycling period built into it that enables it to revify and transform and recreate again. Virus has to be conquered by spiritual means; recycling all the time; creativity comes from inheritance and from the spirit you came with; human creativity is a necessity for health; creativity is a self healer; every human is creative in some way; frustration has a lot to do with creativity.
158 Healing with a Sufi Sage, tape 3 9/11/99
Creativity heals in an amazing way; have to find an outlet for your own frustration. Creativity is an international need; form of creativity depends on element dominant in the person; element seeks outlet; to study symbols is important when designing. Methods of integrating healing in a traditiional medical practice: the glance; the way that you breath, meet the patient where his/her breath is; when on patient's breath bring to your own breath; healer has spiritual hierarchy behind them; can call upon holy beings that one is connected to; spiritual healing has to be done within short time one has with patient. The message itself is what counts.
115a Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 2, tape 1 (1/8/2000)
Healing of self is most important; conscious of mother earth when walking; solar plexus of male and female; evaluation and mastery of self; attunement to the solstices; importance of skin; inner senses; tolerant and compassionate toward self.
115b Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 2, tape 1 (1/8/2000)
Born with one sense more developed than others; inherited talent; how do I receive and perceive in the senses; world community; unity of religious ideals not obtained today; must focus; closing centers of the body; electrical energy in body; self verification; control health by studying own being; diet; electro-magnetic energy in own body; mastering pain by concentration and breath; bring energy to fingertips from shoulder blades.
116a Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 2, tape 2
Hand on shoulder blade and snap down to fingers using own magnetic field; learn to use electricity in own body to heal; prove within yourself; get rid of concepts ( Murshid Sam); Murshida Rabia Martin; metaphysical library in S.F.; prove to yourself your own truth; paper exercise with form of darkness (the unknown) and light ( conscious); first conception of what light is; walking on wet sand for healing; element teaching about having the experience within own field; consciousness expands all the days of our lives; expands concept of who I am; contemplative prayer; prayer from within to within; purification breaths; glorification practices; walks; serve the divine purpose.
116b Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 2, tape 2
Contemplative prayer continued; holding a visualization of what you wish to see happen; electro magnetic field of the earth and humans; focus on outline of the body; healing at a distance; surrounding body with light; power of the glance; develop glance through the light; heart connected with the use of light for healing; expanding consciousness; spiritual practices when waking at night; people have to learn to help themselves; presence of I am within; contemplate on the light; soul families.
117a Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 2, tape 3
There is no death; contemplative prayer leads one to know oneself; based upon light work; attaining to your cup runneth over. Question and answer period. Have to work for one's whole life on purification; soul's goal; creative outlet; Ya Wajid practice; learning your own element; enable me to serve Thy divine purpose; shape of your nostrils in relationship to the elements; pregnancy; Toward the One practice; importance of the elements; study the goddesses; father's role in pregnancy; Ya Adab practice and Ya Majid,Ya Majeed, Ya Majoud for a sad heart.
117b Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 2, tape 3
Emotional changes start early today in change of life; dark night of the soul; everything in our lives cycles; know your own inheritance; listen within.
218a Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 3, tape 1 (4/8/2000)
Allahu practice; MVC singing Nayaz; Sufi healing in America is different from other countries; Murshida Rabia Martin and Kaaba Allah; Kaaba Allah was started as a healing center; Murshid Sam and Murshida Vera working in the Haight Ashbury with flower children; Sam worked on the street; first healings that Murshid Sam did; teaching done with children in madrone trees; auric healing; meet breath of the patient and bring to your own breath; HIK's teaching of meeting people where they are; Zia in the first Seed Center in S.F.; story of MVC as Zia's first initiate; beginnings of seed center schools; yellow and red dyes in foods affecting children; infancy center; seed center schools.
218b Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 3, tape 1 (continued)
Infants swimming at seed center; healing that came from water element; father and mother image for each child at infancy center; mental healing for children expelled from public school; eliminate red and yellow dyes in food. Condition of person is known and worked on for healing; MVC is a Shafayat in both orders; importance of lower chakras to be cleared for healing; forgiveness; if not forgotten stays in solar plexus and emotional body and can lead to tumors; all healing begins with self; importance of exercise; importance to know the chakras; contemplative prayer starts with praise; 1st chakra is tailbone; MVC broke spine as a young person; healed by natural healing methods; inhaling light from the vegetable and animal kingdom; seeing from the inner eye; insight; mastery of your own being; working on electro-magnetic field; mvc stories from childhood.
119a Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 3, tape 2
Soul leaving the body at death of Mur. Vera's grandmother; mental telepathy with Mur. Vera's husband; 8th chakra above the head; Ya Basit practice to expand consciousness; work on wasifas in three ways; the chakras; the first chakra is the muladara; exercize re physical, mental, emotional and spiritual inheritance from mother and father; in sufi healing the father does the massage; early patterning of attitudes; cannot sublimate strong emotional feelings without affect on body; expand consciousness of our own bodies within; second chakra has to do with endurance; third chakra has to do with love; unconditional love takes a lifetime to learn and practice.
119b Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 3, tape 2
Positive affirmation given by glance and touch; third chakra is a maturation of an individual; have to change your God concept; contemplative prayer; power of the Holy Spirit; puberty; public confirmation of change re puberty; 8th chakra above the crown; first three chakras have to do with healing and health; soul must go on to greater evolution; death experience; expand consciousness beyond our universe; different rates of vibration on different planes; out of body experience; illusion of death experience; Sufi invocation promises we will be part of the spirit of guidance; evolution of souls who come here; have to work within on the chakras for healing.
120a Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 3, tape 3
Healing is always a process demanding that we master some part of our being we haven't mastered; sufism is a philosophy; continuation of chakra exercise; divine will; unity that resides within own being; tree of life Rorschach exercise; expand consciousness beyond limitations; colors of chakras; methods of purification in relationship to healing; positive affirmation; release of personal will; creative imagination; Ya Alim, Ya Khabir; cosmic dimension; way of testing oneself using pendalameters; check your own self image; reading from HIK volumes.
120b Healing with a Sufi Sage, session 3 tape 3
Recognition of roots; importance of 20 breaths; kasab practice; exhaling the breath; tremendous healing in mastering equal inhalation and exhalation of breath; listening to heart; do practices when waking at night; working with kundalini; importance of mastering the first 4 chakras; learn to master the symptoms of the disease; expand consciousness; 8th chakra has the power of the Holy Spirit; cosmic time; unity is coming closer, universes within universes within our beings; prayer offered by Murshida Vera.
125a Sufi Healing Update, tape 1, S.F. 10/86
Messiah quality; going within calling upon one's own healing center radiating out to all the other centers; kasab practice; equalizing the breath and pulling other's breath to own; self healing is superior; skin is the most neglected organ in the body; learn to use the skin; ablutions; walking on hard wet sand for healing; all sufi healing begins with concentration; work with fingertips on periphery of the skin; tuning in to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body daily; looking at infinity; activity and repose; peace in the home; spirit of man is the greatest healer.
125b Sufi Healing Update, tape 1 (continued)
Saum and Salat balancing prayers in Sufism; Glorification practices; clarify your channel as a hollow reed; group reinforcement; inner prayer for oneself; hold image of perfect light surrounding individual; Holy Spirit is the comforter in all healing; heal through the power of light; Quddus practices; gaining magnetism of the earth by walking and using breath; get rid of judgements; stages of healing; tests of life; sins of omission slows down healing process; forgiving and trusting self; forgiveness of own ancestors; letting go of doubt.
126 Sufi Healing Update, tape 1 (continued)
Increase power of healing thoughts; witness positivity in life; whispering in left ear positive affirmation; use the power of the sun; inhale light and exhale to the heart; glance as one of the great powers of healing; image on inner eye; work on the flash; Murshida instructs prayer Nayaz.
129a Healing Tape 1, 8/9/1999
One's own life experience makes one a healer; until your cup runneth over, don't try to be a teacher. Students ask personal questions about healing. Most important thing is the purification of yourself; have to do purifications before any healing session; purification breaths. Practice of the 20 breaths; you are the verification of the Divine Being's creativity. Mastering the hard tests brings verification of yourself and your life's work. Solar plexus for males and females described. Accept oneself; Wasifas with 20 breaths and centers in the body: Shaffee, Khaffee, SubanAllah, AlhamduLillah, Allaho Akbar. Important that we thank God daily for what we have been given. Understanding of what the elements mean and practices for healers. Feet touch the earth; magnetic poles between man's feet and mother earth; must walk with heel hitting the earth and whole bottom of foot on the earth; walking with Murshid Sam at Kaaba Allah; have to ground oneself through the elements; kundalini practices; must walk consciously on mother earth; see meeting one element with another element; mother earth meets with all elements; visualization practice with yellow ocre color of mother earth, etc. Water element: drinking pure water without food one day per week; Ya Wahaboo, Ya Wahedo practice, water color of green.
129b Healing Tape 1, 8/9/99 (continued)
Form and color of elements combined; kundalini practice; when mastered kundalini have mastered basic emotions of fear and anger; go back to elements when mastering tests of life. Fire element; anger that has to be gotten rid of; anger comes from frustration; mastery of anything that overpowers one; attune to breath and take care of anger. Have to meet child where the child is; education of the exceptional child; seed center schools taking in exceptional children; can not have a pre-conceived idea of healing or education, etc.; have to meet where the person's breath is; monitor one's own breath for eveness of inhalation and exhalation. First thing for healing is get on the rhythm and breath of the patient; gradually lift to your breath; another is to work with the glance. Next to elements is the teaching of the kingdoms of nature.
130a Healing Tape 2 , 8/10/99
Must begin with self healing before doing healing work for others. Ya Muqaddim practice holding cupped hands. Other purification practices with the 20 breaths; male and female solar plexus; nervous system and healing; learning to express anger in a positive way; anger destroys faith. Anger hurts the individual; anger frustrates one; anger builds more fears. Healer must build faith in your heart using Ya Mu'min. Tune to breath of the patient; lift to your 4/4 breath using Ya Shafee, Ya Khafee. Person out of control in own life; help person using Ya Malik. Using light of own body; strongest part of aura in shoulder blade; using that energy to heal. Touching is the most important of all the senses; discovering inheritance and patterning from parents. Lymphatic system influenced by the psyche and needs to be released from the psyche; music and song changes rhythm of the body; diet is important; using a crystal to test diet and herbs.
130b Healing tape 2, 8/10/99 (continued)
Purification of the body is the number one thing for inherited or glandular problems; everything that is landed on us as a cross is our way of mastery; autism; diabetes has a lot to do with the transitions of life and emotions. Creative outlets really release and heal. Panic attacks; light teaching is very important; transforming the physical body; being aware of the spirit body that we came with; mysticism of sound. Importance of the study of the kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, man. Transformation is going on in all the kingdoms. Healers always work from the heart.
135a Crystal Healing; Who can heal with crystals?
Cleansing of crystals; birthing of crystals; using sea salt for clarifying; purifying with the earth element; crystals in spring water; smoking the crystal; blowing the Hu breath on the crystal. Program crystal for purpose of healing crystal is to be used for; picking crystal that speaks to you by ray of light it sends to meet your eye; use will to speak to crystal through inner eye; after programmed wrap crystal; crystals are programmed to work for specific purposes in healing; positive impress; build the magnetic field. Paired crystals; paired crystals best used in 3 spots: between shoulder blades, in both hands, under both toes. When the energy field is equalized the body will heal itself. Using crystals for self healing; building a medicine wheel around a patient; working with the magnetic field outside the body; healing cannot happen without strong change of attitude; there is a magic around crystals; group work with crystals; have to be clear to do healing work. Crystals help to connect person to divine inheritance.
135b Crystal Healing (continued)
Building of faith and new hope in the patient using a crystal as a focus; balancing the breath; visualizing the earth while practicing the earth breath; continuing visualizing the other elements. Call upon the qualities of the crystal which have reflected light; direct by will and concentration to affected areas. Crystal meditation. Self healing; directing the rays of light using the electro-magnetic field; leave the presence of God with the patient. Importance of music in healing and release. Renegade crystals; crystals have a spirit within them; crystal carries with it impress beyond the grave. Murshida Vera guides us in a crystal meditation.
161a Healing the Emotional Body 4/10/87
Traumas and shock to the emotional body; the electro-magnetic field of our bodies is connected to the electro-magnetic field around the sun; sun practices of gazing at the aura of the sun; rains of light of peacock blue and majenta pink around the sun; you are a living magnetic field; when we work to heal the emotional body we should work on the outside; everything that is happening in the galaxy is happening within us in nerve and electrical energy; look upon the emotional body as one of five bodies; man feels compromised when something is wrong; working on your emotional body when magnetic field is insulted; earth practices; magnetic energy from the earth cycles in body; visionary healing; transform the condition; change the magnetic field by our concentration and visualization; self image; freedom to be what you visualize yourself to be; human aura has to be sealed; pulling down divine light and pulling up the light of the kundalini to where it meets in the body; gain the magnetism of the earth and bring into the body; work with the Holy Spirit; visualization and purification of the channels; serve oneself until the cup runneth over so you have something to give.
161b Healing the Emotional Body (continued)
We are a complex universe unto ourselves; take seriously the work on the magnetic field.