Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.
Jerusalem Trilogy Lectures

Commentary/Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy

By Murshida Vera Corda

Murshida Vera Corda presented the following 20 lectures in 1993. They are commentaries and a study guide for Murshid Samuel Lewis' work, The Jerusalem Trilogy.

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073a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy (Some distortion on tape)
00:41Magnetism is equalized as a group: working with the magnetic field by cupping hands and inhaling and exhaling to the right.
03:03Introduction to the Trilogy; Murshid Sam concerned about old forms breaking up.
04:30Great plagues; virus diseases.
05:48Malachi; prophet of that day; Lost Book of Prophecy.
06:19Book One based on prophecy of Malachi.
07:47Hazrat Inayat Khan says the God Ideal is inborn in us; mirror of the heart.
08:35Malachi; there is no justice in government; one has to go back to the God ideal in one's own heart.
09:25Vision and inspiration of Fatima and Medjugorje.
11:17Page 17; Meanings of Malachi name: my servant, my messenger of God; time of Malachi is 400 B.C.
12:58If there is no devotion then religion becomes apathy; boredom.
15:35Out of suffering, brotherhood starts.
16:09What is good? What is bad? Days of Malachi; sacrifice the finest.
17:43Good and evil resides in the ways we have of ascertaining priorities in our lives; challenge to individual persons; has to be worked out in the heart of man.
18:58Attitude among the priesthood in days of Malachi; bored; meaningless ritual
20:00Acceptance of divorce.
21:26Mohammed enforced protection for women and children.
22:25Malachi states that this is a farce; this is not the way man should live.
23:03Work of the prophet; sees history of the past; sees clearly land he is walking on, sees the future.
24:26In light of prophesy; the starvation, terrible things happening to earth and land are predictable.
25:50We know little about cycles; sun cycles; sun spots.
28:25Cycles within are own lives we must study.
30:19No way message of Malachi could be understood at the time he gave it; can be understood in the light of the future.
31:43Malachi impressed by indifference of people to God; Day of Judgment.
33:46Breakdown of relationship; priority on keeping afloat or succeeding.
35:52Jerusalem Trilogy reading pg. 17; poems contain keys to a lasting peace; rejuvenation of Jerusalem; rejuvenation in the hearts of man.
36:50Murshid Sam says about Malachi...
38:50Cycling of the same picture in the Holy Land.
41:03Beginning of Book I, The Day of the Lord Cometh, pg. 31; Murshid Sam thought most important wasifas; Er Rahman, Er Rahim; works between solar plexus (2nd chakra emotional) and base of the heart (4th chakra).
44:30Hammered by blocks within our own beings.
45:13Balance between what you feel in the heart and what one intuits.
46:15Depend upon own insights.
46:55Letters of Hebrew alphabet.
48:12Three letters; Aleph, Mem, Shin; Shem is universal light of God; scaffolding of the book.
50:24How prophecy works; man proposes, God disposes.
51:05Murshid Sam's teachings at Kaaba Allah; Murshid Sam as prophet.
51:29Prophets see effects on the future.
53:29Group practice of Er Rahman, Er Rahim.
54:11Fikr; no words just thinking, on the breath.
073b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:37Working on chakras between base of solar plexus (2nd) and base of heart (4th); breath, color visualization, divine wasifas (Er Rahman, Er Rahim).
01:34Group practice with Er Rahman, Er Rahim while walking.
04:01Group sharing of previous practice; Murshida Vera comments.
07:15Divine wisdom works in one's practical life.
13:05No way one can conquer pain in the physical body unless one can stay on the chakra.
14:22Mastery of pain; power of Holy Spirit that comes from Er Rahman, Er Rahim.
19:39Aleph, Mem, Shin (1st three letters of the Hebrew alphabet); first revealed to Abraham.
20:44Power of the glance.
21:50Cobra; with glance visualizes need.
22:54Reading from the Jerusalem Trilogy.
24:04Silence and meditation.
27:10Prophecy fulfilled; things Murshid Sam talked about.
28:34Malachi warned about sins; greatest sin is apathy.
30:44Why does this have to cycle?
32:13Cycling of same flaw in the brotherhood of man.
33:35Hold to your vision; faith in your visions.
34:33Universe is breathing.
34:58Power of breath.
35:43Prophecy; prophet is not a medium; prophecy has it's foundation in history of mankind.
36:42Murshid Sam gave prophecy.
37:08How one understands the tree of life within one's own being.
38:38Have to be aware of what's happening in the cosmos.
42:06Perceive and apperceive.
44:03Receptivity; Murshid Sam received in early days when he was walking, climbing a tree; verify what he was receiving.
44:57If one walks in the Master's steps much comes to one.
074a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
28:29Know the prophet in the essence of Murshid Sam. Going with Murshid Sam in the 30's, traveling around the city; light of his spirit coming through; his grandfather.
31:46Wasifas Murshid Sam gave at that time in the glossary: Akhlak Allah Al-hamdu Lillah, Allah, Allahu, Allah Hayy.
38:40Practices in the early days with Murshida Martin and Murshid Sam.
41:38Building the wall of the temple; going though the experiences of Malachi.
42:53Walk of Murshid Sam.
45:05Walk of Malachi.
47:00Reading the 2 pulses.
074b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:01Refined water breath.
3:56Er Rahman, Er Rahim practices.
6:38Etheric Breath.
11:00Effect of breath
12:13"Be It" – Murshid Sam teaching.
15:43Inviting earth to come to God (pg.89); knowing our own breath.
23:08Can see God in the flesh; own God ideal realized within oneself.
24:56Flow of blood through man's veins.
26:17Crucifixion of Al Ghazali.
30:00Praises for power, Allaho Akbar – peace is power, power is peace.
32:54Elijah, YHVH.
34:54Murshid Sam and Murshida Vera as young Sufis, writing symbols.
36:34Mushaahidah – contemplation in the heart.
38:50Symbols of the serpent.
39:57Nafs (serpent coiling into lower self).
46:29Ya Fattah.
47:58Murshid Sam gave this work as a prophecy.
49:10Ya Nur (light ) in the water element; light teachings – ladder to the presence of God.
51:46Practice of glorifications to God.
075a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
2:20Allaho Akbar group practice.
3:30Subhan Allah group practice.
4:08Al-hamduLillah practice.
4:56singing Allaho Akbar.
7:08Murshida Vera gives practices; practice of the presence (Akhlak Allah); power practices: Allah, Allah Mansur, Allaho Akbar, Allah Hu, Allah Hayy. For balance: Er Rahman, Er Rahim; for love: Ishq Allah.
9:15Zikr – denial of the existence of any god except God itself.
10:20Nafs; to become poor in spirit and soft in breath.
12:13Politics, peace in the Holy Land.
13:52Saladin begins on page 131.
17:40Goals as small prophesies.
20:17Murshida Vera uses Akhlak Allah – reviewing my day in the presence of God, extending goals to tomorrow.
23:00Er Rahman, Er Rahim; transfer peace to another person.
075b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:27Man's will, God's will.
00:47Mastery of breath, mastery of the winds.
07:49Sword of the winds, vibration takes over.
08:40Welding and crossing of the swords (pg. 139).
12:09Murshid Sam's prophesy.
15:18Welding of the swords "Allah the merciful does not fail".
18:43Murshid Sam's personal prophesy of Jerusalem.
076a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
Intro to the Book of Saladin
01:30Fana fi Sheikh – the everlasting gate.
05:29We live and breath within the divine being.
07:35Poetry of Saladin – shows quality of Murshid Sam's soul, the unity.
07:56Murshid Sam established work when Pir Vilayat came – unity of the message of Hazrat Inayat Khan.
08:34Murshida Martin appointed by HIK as the head of the work in America.
09:00HIK gave to Murshid Sam – to guide, guard and watch over Murshida Martin.
09:55After the death of Murshida Martin.
10:10Murshid Sam went on with his own work.
10:28Murshida Vera meeting with Murshid Sam.
10:55All things should be done for the unity (SLewis).
12:32Saladin begins: To teach peace in the Holy Land.
13:30Murshid Sam real insight into peace in the Holy Land.
13:48Saladin was a real person; a Sultan at the time; the Christian attitude of total forgiveness and unity of religious ideals.
15:45Murshid Sam – sing to Allah; the breath, joy of heart, vibration from singing, overcome all fears.
17:50One remedy – sing Ya Allah to sing to become triumphant over one's own fears and negativity; enable to see universal light.
18:43Group singing "Ya Allah".
20:07"Ya" salutation in all wasifas.
24:48Murshid Sam doing something very physical used "Ya Allah" on fikr assir; inhale to crown, exhale to heart.
28:55Glorifications of God practices (verbal, mental, silence).
29:25Murshid Sam – AlhamduLillah practice; one should be grateful for what one has.
30:06In healing, thank God for what one has yet to receive.
32:37Glorification practices as a group: Ya Shafee, Ya Khafee practice.
34:43Subhan Allah practice.
37:30AlhamduLillah practice.
39:44Allaho Akbar practice; peace is power.
41:41Murshid Sam's second most important practices after Allah are the glorifications.
42:07Sheikha Kushy Kushi – glorification practices.
43:14Power of the sigh – empowers practice, relaxation and acceptance. Murshid Sam and Murshida Vera were trained to do the sigh.
44:51Beginning of building the mosque or temple within oneself, within one's own heart.
47:29What is true in Islam – have to be true to higher self.
50:03Jihad of the heart – Murshid Sam's purification of the heart; open passageway or channel from core of the heart to fontanel.
51:58Jihad of the tongue; what you say you show with your acts.
53:01True Jihad – one who fight the evils within oneself.
53:22Murshid Sam in state of perfect attunement of Mohammed when writing Saladin.
54:46Fighting evil within oneself.
57:01Lesser Jihad – puts it to work in the world.
076b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:35Jihad of the heart, Jihad of the tongue, Jihad of the swords; rights of religion.
00:58Swords of the prophet (pg. 134).
04:10"China came to my door", Nyogen Sen Saki hiding in S.F. in Chinatown.
09:13Sword of Metal (pg. 135) needle draws out fibers, makes into cloth, draws people together.
12:28Sword of Wood – sprig gets down roots - can move mountains.
12:49Acorn planted on the rock at Kaaba Allah by Murshida Vera; friendship bench at the rock at Kaaba Allah.
14:55Qualities of the sword of wood.
18:04Qualities: bears brunt of inner and outer battles; builds floors; holy rood (wood used to build the cross of Jesus) saved the Messiah; Jesus did not die on the cross.
24:10Sword of Water (pg. 137)
27:00John the Illustrator- uses water as spirit to pass on baraka/blessing to people.
28:44Blessing of water for purification.
30:00Water brings joy; it pierces deep within a person, passes through all surfaces, qualities to sing and dance, changes what it passes through.
33:57Water in our practices: Ya Wahabo, source of river of life.
35:52Ya Wahedo, back to the source of life.
40:23All swords must apply to our lives.
42:13Swords in the Jerusalem Trilogy are a real teaching, profound teaching.
42:59Sword of Fire (pg. 138); new sword of the heart; purpose is to penetrate, spirit that passes through all, doesn't destroy a single thing.
46:31Seen as spirit, something which purifies; it brings creativity; lifts into a higher octave (light).
48:50Sword of fire walk.
50:44Sword of the Wind.
51:26Janus; work of American Indians.
52:17Power of winds; directions in our lives.
52:37Jerusalem Trilogy reading of Sword of the Wind (pg. 138).
53:45Work of the Janus and understanding the winds; inner vision of purpose of the winds (bring into our beings, carry out).
54:45Control of pain through sword of the winds; refined breath.
56:46Test of the winds; true will of God coming in.
077a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
03:30Christians concerned with souls of man.
05:30Third section of this chapter; (page 146).
07:02Salt of the earth; (page 278).
08:40Jihad of the heart; Saladin gave back what he took in spoils during war; (page 147).
10:41Gratitude, glory and majesty of the One; (page 149/50).
12:00Jihad against the unfaithful.
14:00Truth of the One God.
14:22Know Allah, the One.
15:29Glorifications: four practices; Shafee, Khafee, SubhanAllah, AlhamduLillah, Allaho Akbar.
16:51Subhan Allah, the path of light for you.
17:52AlhamduLillah; contemplative prayer; thanking God for what you are asking as if already granted; asking for needs.
21:17Allaho Akbar; taught by Sam as the peace wasifa.
22:29Under Murshida Martin tutelage.
23:10Murshid Sam living the work at Kaaba Allah in the 30's to 60's; American path of the Sufis in the western world; this time when the glorifications were being done.
26:40Page 150.
27:20Christian used Kyrie Eleison.
28:40Every sacrifice should be made for the unity (Mur. Sam); oneness is essence of Islam.
29:45Battle of Mecca at the time of Mohammed.
30:58Mohammed gives one to one time to his wives.
32:10Mohammed's goal to bring unity and brotherhood of man.
35:50Prayers of Saum, Salat, Khatum.
37:04Mohammed came as the last of the prophets; seal on the prophets.
39:27Murshid Sam taught re brotherhood.
42:58Practices to restore prophets.
44:26Real meaning of AlhamduLillah.
44:47Well of Zem, Zem.
46:05God resides in the heart of man.
46:44Wonders of the Kaaba; (page 152).
48:20Kaaba; the black stone in Mecca; black stone goes back to the earth mother.
49:20Greeks believe Aphrodite sat upon the black stone; impress in the black stone.
51:19Individual path in the heart of the individual man.
51:40Light in the heart may guide one.
51:55Murshid Sam questions.
53:55Reads from the Trilogy; (page 155).
56:40The story of Rumi and Shams.
077b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
01:12Murshid Sam and Vera were both taught that the lesser ego is to be erased.
04:01Murshida Vera's last visitation with Murshid Sam.
05:21Murshid Sam attained mastery; he said to his disciples from now on you will address me as Murshid.
07:18There is the tarikat; (page 162 reading).
08:23Kaaba Allah; rock in Fairfax, Calif.
12:18Experience is the key to the Sufi message.
14:08As-Salaam Aleikhum American greeting; read Bk. 2, Journey through the Heavens for next time.
16:04The Trilogy is a tremendous book; the story of an individual prophet, which is Murshid Sam.
16:43Murshid Sam received the pure inspiration from the angelic planes. (distorted tape after 18:00)
078a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
01:22Thresholds of kingdoms; unlimited outlook; barzakh is the threshold.
01:58Cosmic dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit; Quddus practices .
02:30Spirit of the Phoenix.
03:11Sun cycles, sun spots.
04:22Power of the Holy Spirit.
07:24Moses; parting of the seas.
10:11Powers of the breath; (pg. 166).
12:35Fire element; destruction of base fire; rising to other chakras; regurgitation through mind; interests, etc.
16:16Allah created infinitude of conditions.
19:26Murshid Sam's practices of Allah, Allahu; (page 167) .
21:13Man builds his own God ideal.
23:32Allahu; source of divinity; source of divine power.
25:25Training of Allahu with first Murshida.
28:29Trilogy is profound poetry; that which presides behind the worlds.
32:00Reading the Trilogy; elephant trap trail; (pg. 168).
37:45Illumination on this plane.
38:38Heaven of Joseph; (pg. 169 reading).
41:06Er Rahman, Er Rahim; philosophy of Murshid Sam.
43:33HIK to Sheikh Kushy Kushi (first generation mureed; first secretary on tours to U.S); given the glorification practices; "Do until the day you die".
45:20Contemplative prayer, based on gratitude.
48:30Reasons for dwelling on ignorance; (pg. 170 reading).
49:18Contemplative prayer; prays ahead for vision seen as already accomplished.
51:33Infancy Seed Schools; turning screaming, crying babies.
53:36Understanding of Adam and Eve story in the Garden of Eden.
54:24Murshid Sam is two characters throughout the Trilogy; Sultan Saladin and Murshid Sam himself.
55:38We must first love ourselves...
57:48Quddus practices; rain that falls from heaven.
078b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
01:16Reading pg. 172.
01:49"There is no sin as great as tension"...
02:22Expectations and rewards, forgiveness of self, redeemed by mercy of God.
03:23Play of light (pg. 172).
03:41Pg. 173.
04:09The Heavens of Joseph (pg. 173); pure land.
04:55God does not punish.
06:30Murshid Sam, flower children.
09:08All the creation is nothing outside of Allah; (pg. 174).
12:57Jesus the Messiah came to restore (pg.175).
14:03Learn to pray for forgiveness.
16:00Significance of heavens of Jacob, the ladders of light through the spheres.
17:37Let go and let be (pg.175).
18:56Reading from Trilogy; (pg. 176).
20:44How joy is attained.
22:11Manna mentioned in the Bible.
24:36Heaven of Isaac reading; (pg. 179).
25:55Speaks of the Dances of Universal Peace symbolically.
26:44The promise; (pg. 180).
28:27Shadows dispelled by the light of vision.
29:29Joy; the most wonderful aspect of the Sufi message.
30:47Practices: Ishk Allah Mabood L'Allah, AlhamduLillah.
34:30Read pg. 187-217.
34:59Divisions of light and darkness; (pg. 187).
35:54The coming of the Holy Spirit, Quddus practices.
37:00Fikr, Fakir, Contemplation; absorbing exercise, silent mulling it over; (pg. 189).
39:05Power of the Holy Spirit.
40:40First chakra; opposite pole to throat center.
079a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
01:00Each man builds his own paradise and heaven.
01:36Maqaams; stations of Sufi progress; expansion of heavens in our own consciousness.
02:04There is no hell; (Pg. 166).
02:44The laws of morality and physical being are not different; they are the same.
04:10Elephant track trail.
04:54We are responsible for the evolution of our soul.
07:53Reading from Trilogy, "If the heart...".
09:26Counting of blessing, key to successful contemplation and contemporary prayer.
11:38All kinds of judgment; all depends upon the mercy of God; (pg. 170).
12:13There is no hell; hell is a concept.
16:40Murshid speaking in two voices in the book.
18:50Reading from Trilogy – higher self speaking to lower self.
19:11Reading from Trilogy– what to expect when entering heaven.
20:11There is no sin as great as tension...
21:48Mur. Vera learned from Mur. Sam at Kaaba Allah about reading good poetry at night.
25:05Breath, blessings of the atmosphere; (pg. 172).
26:56Reading from Trilogy; God does not punish.
27:34Murshid Sam at Mentorgarden; terrible skin rash, desecrated nervous system.
30:26Sam wept.
30:52The twelve doors that open.
32:20Greeting of recognition of the brotherhood.
32:55Gate of the Tauba; the door to the heart.
34:26The state of joy; wisdom comes before joy.
36:00Flash of light between the lines that we read.
37:37Listen to the still small voice within.
39:01You see that joy permeates everything.
39:40Inner vision.
39:59Why we work and strive the daily tests of life.
40:05Reaching these state of maqaam; light; joy.
40:47Reading from Trilogy pg. 177.
43:47All tension has to go.
45:03Happiness comes.
45:47Another heaven entered; doing practices over and over.
47:48Look at foreheads, smiling foreheads.
49:02Reading from Trilogy pg. 179.
51:57The group doing the Allah dance.
55:43Reading from Trilogy pg. 180; the promise.
57:40Reading from Trilogy pg. 181.
079b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:52Memory of Mur. Sam as young girl (Mur. Vera); amazing Sufi people.
03:50The soul emancipates; reading pg. 182.
07:45Within every man there resides that genius; we all become messengers.
10:05What is divine wisdom; reading pg. 186.
10:45Reciting wasifa, Ishk Allah Mabood L'allah, AlhamduLillah.
12:00Sufi lullaby.
16:45Murshid Sam climbing of the mountain.
18:36Voice of the turtledove, voice of the Holy Spirit, Quddus practice, lips almost closed, buzzing sound.
21:08Reading from Trilogy; silence gives rise to love.
21:28Name of God repeated, Illa l'allahu practice.
23:38Hu practice opens up channel.
25:23Experiences gives one courage to go on; gates open.
26:00Within our senses there are other senses.
27:57Heavenly Jerusalem music.
30:48Reading from Trilogy; Fana fi Sheikh; effacement in the spiritual teacher.
31:37Unity doctrine; Reading pg. 192.
33:15State of unity; takes away all judgment; takes away all distinctions and differences.
34:30State of Fana-fi-sheikh; oneness of entire creation.
35:48There is no comparison; oneness of the Divine Being.
37:29Never arriving at...
38:12No such thing as an individual or kingdom that doesn't evolve.
39:01As man evolves...
41:10Royal Mushaahidah.
43:56Each man builds his own God ideal.
48:06Read to understand Sam better; pg. 211 Sam's revelations, Sam's credo.
50:20Trilogy is the spiritual experience of Murshid Sam; heart connected to soul of man that carries us through the twelve doors of heaven.
080a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
01:10Two kinds of knowledge; ignorance is not to be tolerated.
03:48Who is God.
04:24Saladin speaking: criticism of Christianity where is mercy and tenderness of Jesus' teaching.
05:17Saladin questions phrase "Lord have mercy".
08:08Behind Saladin is Murshid Sam; Murshid Sam agreed with all these things.
08:24Questioning the meaning of hell, idea of eternal punishment.
13:01Humanity is learning about brotherhood.
13:34Power of the archangels; Gabriel guided Mohammed.
14:50Broad Sufi teaching; seven planes of angels, jinn plane, rays coming from light, power of sun and shadow.
16:49Hebrew, Christianity, Islamic angels; environment they live in deeply influences what they are and how they operate.
19:15Saladin speaks of Allah.
20:15Great difficulty in our time, poor father image.
24:18Reading from Jerusalem Trilogy pg. 225; the soul is all the same...
25:35Hazrat Inayat Khan teaches that the pattern of a lifetime is made in the first five years.
30:34Rejuvenation of the women's rights and the goddess teachings.
31:46Murshid Sam was above all a very truthful person.
32:47Reading from the Jerusalem Trilogy pg. 225.
33:52Grace cathedral concert; vested women priests.
35:03Great change in orthodoxy in our time; brotherhood.
37:51Jerusalem was the Holy City.
38:53Murshid Sam never gave Jesus teaching in comparison to the Koran teaching
39:04At Kaaba Allah, Murshid Sam taking children to Sunday schools; equal appreciation for different religions.
41:24There will be no peace until there is a unification of the Holy city of Jerusalem.
44:14Reading from Trilogy pg. 226; mankind itself is a brotherhood...
50:00Murshid Sam was above all else a student all the days of his life.
080b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:30Ideal must be built in the individual man (Saladin).
01:55All men should be forgiven by God (Saladin).
03:13New ethic and moral code has to grow after the millennium.
04:20Words not necessarily truth; truth has to be learned by praising the God ideal we build within ourselves.
07:09People have forgotten the masters, saints and prophets who have gone before.
08:01Reading from Trilogy chapter three, pg. 234.
08:30Trinity teaching.
08:44Murshid Sam's idea of the Trinity; have to give goddess teaching, enfala – lump of earth without features; first image of goddess.
09:41Yoni, first symbol; black stone in Mecca.
10:14Impress in middle of black stone; Aphrodite.
12:06Reading from Trilogy pg. 235; inner peace.
13:37Healing the body pg. 236.
16:54In your world there is absence of brotherhood.
17:37Murshida Vera comments on the greatest sermons ever read in the Trilogy.
22:17Serving Allah.
22:33Rebuild trust.
25:05All mankind has an Achilles heel; no weak body part can sustain itself without support of stronger parts.
26:19Reading from Trilogy; pg. 239.
27:28Understanding our individual purpose; opportunity for every person.
28:54Trilogy reading pg. 240; states of consciousness.
30:44In Islam, there is internal religion...
31:28The reason we must have a guide.
31:57Individual's God ideal enables one to recognize the divine attributes in ancestry.
34:52The unity, the brotherhood of man.
35:32One will never see distinctions and differences in inner experience.
37:35Murshid Sam preaches roots and teaches scaffolding.
38:26So many answers to where I am going.
42:02Must reach the pearl of great light.
42:58There is no God but God; Hu is Hu.
45:04Oneness; illumination.
46:12Wasifa practice; La Illaha el Allahu; Allahu, Hu .
081a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
Book Four, Last Chapters of the Trilogy; Triumph of Egypt
01:12Mercy and wisdom teachings.
03:53Tenth century, Sultan Saladin came, seek and resurrect all teachings of the Revelation.
05:36Going back to 1st chapter (pg.33) Moses came to restore truths.
06:11 & 07:10Glance, perceive infinity of space.
08:08Silence, teaching in Trilogy.
11:07One of great tests; how do I know I'm doing the right thing.
11:49Divine command on the inner.
12:38Maqaam means place; grades of evolution.
13:05Hal; divine experience.
13:46Five pillars of Islam; first is unity.
14:15Murshid Sam's real test came when asked to hand over everything to Pir Vilayat; Murshida Rabia.
15:19First pillar of unity was paramount in Murshid Sam's life.
16:10Hard decisions had to be made by Murshid Sam.
17:01Murshid Sam handing over work to European teacher; unity.
17:37Unity is first pillar of Islam.
18:24Second pillar of Islam; fasting.
21:06Fasting is a fact in western Sufism.
23:02Third pillar; giving of alms.
25:54Fourth pillar; prayer.
26:29HIK boiled down the five prayers to Saum, Salat, Khatum.
28:57Last pillar of Islam is pilgrimage.
081b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:06YHVH – most sacred Hebrew name.
00:50Adonai; substitute for YHVH today.
01:07Abraham; heart qualities, patriarch.
02:09Islam, binds you to the will of Allah.
03:06We must consciously be bound to the will of Allah; sacrifice.
04:46Murshida Hyatt's home saved from fire in Berkeley.
07:10Murshid Sam points to brotherhood teaching; symbol of the presence of God; life stream that connects all people.
09:48Jerusalem Trilogy is the summation of Murshid Sam's life's work.
10:58Jerusalem Trilogy reading; pg. 33.
11:20Gaze at infinity of space.
11:48Prayer of Moses.
12:25Murshid Sam speaking to the Divine Presence.
12:46Jerusalem Trilogy reading; pg. 35.
14:10Lands where water is scarce.
16:03The three ways of Alif prophecy; pg. 36.
17:57Jerusalem Trilogy reading.
18:58J.T. readings pg. 37: Aleph, Mem, Shin.
19:43Jerusalem Trilogy pg. 39; the covenant will be sectored when man alters their hearts; what is going on in the Holy Land today.
21:11Work of the Jerusalem Trilogy is pure truth.
21:25Murshid Sam never teaches anything that doesn't come from the prophets.
27:00Message of the prophets is for all times.
27:30Jerusalem Trilogy reading pg. 41; Jeremiah, riches.
29:19Ways of the spirit, light, pg. 44.
30:50Pg. 45, Or (light), Shem (light of God).
082a Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
01:31Teaching of American Sufism; fallen angels.
02:15Manifesto is a character of the minds of man.
02:51Hell is created by man's thought forms.
04:22Return, repent, change abepent, change abepent, change ab42 Jerusalem Trilogy reading pg. 56/57; the law of Aleph, the light of Shem.
15:29Allah practice, Akhlak Allah, act in manner of God; all hearts focused.
16:17Follow the silence; the silence that follows the glorification to Allah; that is the presence of God in Murshid Sam's teaching.
17:19Murshid Sam gave the practice of Al-hamduLillah; the state of joy.
18:12Practice of Al-hamduLillah.
19:45Murshid Sam's tree practice.
22:34Self-fulfillment is different than the presence of God.
22:49Practice of tree connecting with earth and sky; mother/father, jelal/jemal teaching.
24:01Attaining to a good self-image.
25:45Depth of heart; difference of base of heart and upper heart.
27:15Try to hang on to the moment of silence following a high zikr; oneness.
28:00Murshid Sam always practiced.
29:32Murshid Sam teaches Allah very differently: all mercy, all compassion, cherisher; the light of heaven and earth.
30:53Murshid Sam's other favorite practice; Allaho Akbar; peace is power.
082b Commentary/ Study Guide on the Jerusalem Trilogy
00:37Murshid Sam's teaching power is peace if understood completely.
01:18Murshid Sam gave the practice of Allahu; practice of the dervishes.
01:56Allahu Hayy; modern western teaching brings it into your life.
02:43Murshida Vera always ends all her practices with Allahu Hayy.
03:49Murshid Sam's greatest mission to feed all men food and to feed all men spiritually.