Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.
Parting Message

Maqbara of Murshid Vera Corda (photo by: Varda Brahms)

My Dear Sufi Family,

Keep spreading the Message wherever you go but remember your home and come back to home base whenever you can. Home is the heart, the family, the Ruhaniat, the Mentorgarten.

Continue to breathe in the Light from all Kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal, human and the Divine (super Human). There is Light in all Kingdoms. It's there for us to see and attune to.

I've fallen in love this late in my eighties. He is the gardener who is growing the vegetables here where I live. I've been teaching him the Message. He says he is a born again bachelor and I told him I've been through three Marriages and not looking for a physical mate.

It's very gratifying to see my books in their third printing. The 'Goddesses of Light' keeps going on, also the third edition of 'Cradle of Heaven', "Holistic Child Guidance' and my 'Memoirs'.

All of my life work, my writings and my paintings have been legally granted to Holistic Human Development for the benefit of all beings.

Our Seed school children have married and their children are growing into the Light in all Kingdoms and realizing that we are one and all that goes around comes around.

So eventually all that you have so kindly given to me will come back to you in God's time.

There is so much we learn when we have suffered stroke upon stroke. My beloved landlords, Noel Hale and Carol, built this apartment in their house for me, where I walk upon the sufi symbol (in the stonework floor), see it on the walls and still do Gathas every Tuesday night. All of this comes from desire to learn more of the Message. So I thank them from my heart. Their beautiful service is not for money, just from love.

I managed to reach one of the five universes beyond ours and I can tell you they have colors that don't fit into our system at all and one presumes that this is between ultra violet and infrared. Beings are tall and slim and wear robes in colors I can't describe on our plane, they are all marching on a trail carrying what looks like Greek amphora (urns) on their shoulders. I do not see the contents so I cannot tell you what it is, but I feel it is healing waters.

Mastering oneself is the ultimate goal of every Sufi mureed on this path, as I have been on it for over sixty years. You can tell that it takes a lifetime of experience of your own truth in the core of your heart.

Without personal faith nothing can be attained or understood.

The more you sing the prayers and blessings the further the Mysticism of Sound will carry the Message.

Joe and Guin Miller gave us the Buddhist peace prayer, 'May all beings be well'. I added one phrase, 'May all injured be healed! Peace, Peace, Peace.' Do this together.

Toward the One, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty, the Only Being, united with all the Illuminated Souls Who form the Embodiment of the Master, the Spirit of Guidance.

As we end the meditation, we always come back to the heart.

I pray that you are continuing to do your Purification Breaths every day.

We never arrive, we are always enroute in life's experiences.

Enough said.

With love and blessings,

Murshida Vera