Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.

There are currently three publications by Murshida Vera available for purchase.


Cradle of Heaven

Cradle of Heaven: Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions of Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

In Cradle of Heaven, Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D., helps parents and caretakers develop the ability to attune to their children through observing
what is happening in their five developmental bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and ethical/moral, regardless of their chronological age.
She shows how motherhood and fatherhood consist of a series of skills we relearn in life’s greatest challenge — parenting. (softcover & ebook)


Holistic Child Guidance

This book is Murshida Vera Corda’s Sufi perspective on human development from pre-conception through the 70-year senior transition. The author, an inspired, revered, earthy Sufi teacher also illustrated the book. The first 12 chapters treat conception, pregnancy, fetal development, birthing, adjusting to parenthood, and infant development through 21 months. There are illustrated pregnancy concentrations and practices for each month of fetal development. The last 12 chapters treat toddler development through 2-1/2 years, the second child, reconstructed families, transitions, cycles, Seed Center philosophy of education, foundations of learning, fantasy and imagination, kingdoms of nature, and guiding the spiritual body. (ebook)



Children’s Universal Worship Song, Dance, and Story Book

This manual for leading children’s Universal Worship services includes songs, dances, stories, and art projects.
It is beautifully illustrated by Murshida Vera Corda. (ebook)