Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.
Sufi Healing Update

San Francisco, October 1986
Toward the One, the perfection of love, harmony and beauty
The only Being
United with all the illuminated souls
Who form the embodiment of the Master
The spirit of guidance

La Illaha El Il Rassoul Inayat Khan Allah Hu

We begin in the name of Allah the most merciful, the most compassionate who is the restorer of all things to their pristine glory, who is the Bestower of the all-sufficient healing power within our own beings by which we may heal ourselves.

We begin in the name of the divine spirit that the Sufis call quddus, that the Hebrews call the shekinah, which all of mankind from the beginning of time has recognized as the spirit of guidance within the heart and the higher mind of man.

We begin in the name of the angels, in the names of those archangels, the leader of whom for our healing work is Raphael, and all those helpers of his who come down and communicate with us individually, in our families and in our groups, at the time when we call from the heart for the intuition to heal our loved ones.

We begin also in the name of the angelic host who is always there above, higher than all the others; powers and qualities that come down through the lower angels to reach us in the Jinn plane and on the human plane.

We begin our healing evening in the name of the Messiah, that which is the voice of healing, the divine compassion. This opens our hearts when we see someone in pain or less fortunate than ourselves, that may be even a lower evolution such as the animal kingdom, our own pets or the pets of our neighbors, or an unknown pet which we see on a highway that is injured or has been killed and no one has stopped to push the body off of the highway. That is the type of Messiah quality with which we begin the healing evening.



First, I would like to start with the silence; going within, and trying to find that point from which you call up individually your own healing when you do not feel well. I do not mean that escape one that you use sometimes to say it is just my imagination, not that one; or the tuning out and not listening when the body speaks to you. When that inner voice tells you things are not quite right, stop and go into the silence for a few moments and listen within. That point which may be the vagus nerve for you here in the center or it may be the heart or the higher mind, which may be the inner eye. We have different points of recognition of that healing center according to our evolution and according to the stage of development which we are currently on. First of all, get rid of the idea that there are staircases by which man evolves from one step to a higher and another and higher and higher and higher. I have always disliked that concept very much because it is not the truth on the inner planes. When we receive it on the inner we know it as a great cycle that we go on and at a certain point our consciousness is pushed up and we again cycle back and probably if we were in outer space and looking back at this planet we would find out that what we think are great spheres of movement are really intermeshes of movement so that it is all interwoven.

Someone sent me a painting of this last week and I thought it expressed this so beautifully as it was stars with dotted lines and the point of every star was connected with another star ad infinitum out into the universe. If we can look upon it in that way like a mesh or like a fishnet, everything connected to everything else, with no stopping from the mineral kingdom to the vegetable kingdom to the animal kingdom, to man, to superman. As the children in the seed center used to say, that higher creative quality that allows you to construct something in your creative mind and bring it down and express it creatively on this plane; any and all of it connected like a great mesh. Try to imagine the luffa sponge as you know how it is interwoven like the sea sponges that seem to weave from outside and weave inside and in all directions and seem to make one whole form. But, if you look closely or peal them apart there is no outer layer and there is no center; it is all interwoven endlessly and completely. That is how we have to feel if we are going to begin to find that center of healing within ourselves and let it radiate out into all the bodies; physical body, mental, emotional, that which is our social body which makes us want to retreat when we do not feel well, close the door as we say and go into ourselves or that other quality that hysterically drives us to keep going, keep going, keep going don’t stop and if I keep going it will disappear. This is where we are going tonight; finding that center of healing. Can we all concentrate for a moment now within, to reach that point which we feel is our center of healing?

Now, from that point let us inhale down from the head centers above, from the crown centers if you have developed far enough to feel that source of light, that pearl of light, Nur al-Anwar; inhale it and bring it down into your heart. Please repeat that five times at your own rhythm.

Now let us work on our breath for a few moments working upon the simple healing practices. Take it very easy, a count of 6-12-6 which we are going to inhale through the left nostril inhaling it on the count of 6, holding both nostrils for 12, and exhaling to the count of 6 on the right. If some of you have advanced further and are doing 8-16-8, or further that is perfectly all right to do it but let us just try this five times for each nostril. Inhale right nostril: 3, 4, 5; hold 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; exhale 2, 3, 4, 5; inhale 2, 3, 4, 5; hold 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; exhale 2, 3, 4, 5; inhale 2, 3, 4, 5; hold 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; exhale 2, 3, 4, 5; inhale 2, 3, 4, 5; hold 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; exhale 2, 3, 4, 5. Inhale left nostril and continue pattern for five times. Now inhale right side to a count of 5, holding for 10, exhale 5, and repeat pattern five times.

Keeping your eyes closed and listening to your breath you will see how refined and how gentle it is on the inhalation and exhalation. This is your etheric breath. Many people ask me how one does the etheric breathing. You do not put your will and your mind behind it as you do on your other breaths when you are doing earth, water fire, air; you simply let those happen with a sustained rhythm and then listen and you will feel that there is a very refined, even breath coming in and out of both nostrils. That is the true etheric breath.

In times of trauma or of shock if we can do the etheric breath even for another person who is out of rhythm because of shock particularly where there is accident or injury, when the person is thrown totally out of rhythm and the balance is really upset terrifically both in accidents and traumatic events in life. That is the best thing that you can do for that individual. Get your own breath going and get to that sustained place and breathe, then pull that other person into that rhythm. If you are close to that other person you can do it. For example, a mother can get very close and put her mouth and nose close to her child, picking up the breath the child is on. First of all, give an impression of where the balance is off, immediately getting one’s own breath equalized. A father can do the same thing. It does not matter if it is a mother or a father. You recognize that trauma in the infant or the young child, or anyone which could be an adult who acts again as a child. The early patterning of receptivity to something strange and shocking throws the consciousness out of focus which enables you at once to pick that up. That is the first trick, equalizing that breath, getting that breath to slow down to get back to a normal rhythm; a normal inhalation and exhalation without holding of the breath, which is so common where there is sobbing or a traumatic shock where the breath is held either to meet the pain or for the astral body to listen to what has happened to the physical body. Anything which throws one out of consciousness, immediately changes the breath. That is first and imperative to do in all healing that we do.

Why is self-healing superior to healing by another person or healing from the group? First of all because that is the way it was meant to be. We were created in a perfect image that has it all built within our cells and presumed that we would pull upon that first of all if we were out of rhythm, out of balance in any way, feeling any symptoms that were not right in our physical body. Man through his civilization and lack of belief, more than anything else, has had substituted for him other methods and modes through which he could get it done for him and the more we have done for us, then the less we do for ourselves; this is human nature. Notice your pets when they are not feeling well; they immediately go off in a corner and find their hole, lie down and start licking themselves. If you watch their breath you will see that licking is in a rhythm and that they are working on a count and that count doubles just as it does in a human being and it happens in the animal if you study it and it will switch on that breath and on that rhythm of using the tongue to sleuth that energy in on the inhalation and put the tongue out when they are pushing it, and then they rest in between as though they were listening; then they go back to it. It is a wonderful way to convince one of how the lower kingdoms listen and work on themselves. With cats, if you have pet cats you will see how they will get up and hump up their back and ruffle their hair and it will stand up for a second before they bring the spine back into its normal position; picking up the electrical energy from the molecules of air and pulling that back down into their bodies. When you see an animal that has curled himself up and doesn’t awaken from naps or get up and stretch you may know that self healing is taking place. If you can see that magnetic body and get any impression at all you will see the energy pulling down into the body and in through the hairs. The hairs are out there like antennae, out there picking this all up. Adapt that to your own skins and think about how we say, my hair stood on end when we see something a little bit horrifying. We say it turns our stomach and we feel that sensation in our hair, on our arms and on our body; it feels as if it is standing up. That too is waving and pulling in the molecules from the air into the skin so that we can heal from the outer part of our body.

The greatest healing element that we have as a human being is the skin. The most neglected of all the senses and the one we give the least attention to in infancy and we worry the least about it. We are much more interested in: is the child’s hearing, is the child seeing, is he tasting and suckling correctly. Where it really is and exists for the balance of the entire life is in the skin. This is the largest sensory organ of our body. When we learn to use the skin as it should be used and that means that ablutions are absolutely necessary in the Sufi healing work and it is previous to all healing work services, which we give. It is the daily discipline of ablutions that is important and it has been taught by all masters, not only one; all religions plug the water ablutions. In those countries where there was not water, then sand was used. If you have ever gone to the beach and dribbled sand over your body and felt how you feel when you are covered with the sand and after you get up and brush it off, your skin feels so smooth all over, so soft all over from that sea sand which is extremely magnetic and extremely healing to the skin as is the natural massage that is gained from walking on the hard wet sand at the edge of the sea. Not where the waves are coming in where it is very wet so that your foot impresses it and leaves a foot mark but back from that edge what we call the first tide which moves out and leaves hard wet, damp sand. Walk heel to toe; it is a natural foot massage affecting all of the organs of the body; the internal organs healing through the skin from the bottoms of your feet. It was not for anything and not for political reasons that Gandhi took his people to the sea every year. If you see those old movies then you will see that they are walking exactly on that hard wet sand getting all that magnetism into their skin, into the bottoms of their feet which enables one in a very strange way to concentrate more intensely.

All of Sufi healing begins with concentration. It begins first with the purification, then centering within your own center of healing, as we did tonight very briefly and then into concentration. If one is to concentrate on the place of pain or irritation we make it intensify. If we can concentrate on the opposite pole of that pain, then we will relieve it. This I learned as a little child when I had every tooth in my mouth abscessed from the first one on up and in those days you did not go to a dentist when that happened. You had to let it come to a head before they would even touch it because they did not have the penicillin and the drugs, the sulfur and later drugs that came in to prevent that poison from affecting the entire blood system. They would make you wait until it came to a head. The pain came in rhythms as something does when it is drawing to a head. If you have ever had it in your own body, you feel it like suction and with it come a particular type of a pain. A child will get in rhythm with that and drive you up the wall with a sort of a moaning or crying, a dry crying, which keeps up by the hour. It would drive you up the wall if you could not get it relieved. When my father had all he could take of it, he would get up and come out and say you can control that with your mind but not if you are going to think about it and not if you are going to think about the pain. You must concentrate on the pain that is moving, not the pain that stays in one spot. He would get me to move it slowly down my neck, down the left shoulder and into my finger. Then he would say all right, snap it out. He would open the potbelly stove and have me throw it into the fire. Of course, this was nothing but pure visualization, concentration and imagination; but it worked. I would fall asleep. That taught me very early that pain should never be centered on in one spot for if we do that we intensify it. Now we are not speaking of drugs at all or prescriptions. That is not to be ignored according to Hazrat Inayat Khan but it is not the original healing method either. Our greatest and most ancient healer, Avicenna very definitely taught ways of working that were not based on medication but on getting hold of the mastery of the individual body. Learning how to get a hold of that and move it or use the opposite pole, as we say, not the pole that you are working on. Just as all people who work in the massage therapies know that if something is paining the patient intensely you do not work on that spot but you work on the opposite pole and come up to and around it. That is the secret of learning how to use the skin and the concentration for healing where there is great pain.

Another use of the kinesthetic body is the work with fingertips not touching the body at all but working on the periphery of the hairs of the arms. In surgery, in therapeutic touch in the American nursing associations today, really have proven this without a doubt and it has been accepted that light massage down the arms, across the hands after surgery heals surgeries faster than any other method. Leave the drugs out of it entirely and it will work. The Sufis have always known this from ancient times and have worked very strongly on the periphery of the skin, just the fingertips coming down and working that over and then on the other arm. If you are sitting in the hospital next to any patient that has just had surgery, the best thing you can do for them is the fingertip healing on those arm massages, which really work very well.

If you are using it on your pets, you will notice how from that first joint that we would call the knee joint in our bodies down toward the paws, if you do that about 10 times they will stretch out and show you that they feel it and that it really works. We can learn a lot about our own animal nature by tuning in and practicing on our pets because those same principles work in us. We have as a part of our being an animal nature and we have inherited in the very cells of our bodies, those imprints from the animal kingdom that are still part of our being and can be called upon and can be worked on.

The next thing that we should think about in the healing of self is to not only tune into the feeling that we have in that center of our whole being tuned for that day, but what part of our being is not tuned in. Are we feeling fuzzy mentally so that we may be putting on the wrong sock or the wrong shoe when we first get out of bed and we can’t seem to get the right /left brain together to make those hands work the way we want them to work? Are we emotionally disturbed about something so we prefer not to think about it, walling it off by not facing it; or are we so well insulated from the grief and traumas of our lives that we put it into little cubby holes and close the door so that we are not even aware of what is the source? We just know we feel emotionally disturbed. How do we feel spiritually, how do we feel attuned to the higher self within us? Are we able to dedicate the day to the highest part of our beings or is it just ignored and taken for granted that it will work on the Sabbath or it will work when one has time for it? So many letters that I receive from beginning mureeds say that I want to do the work, Murshida but I just do not have the time. And then they write me four pages telling me about all the things they are doing in their daily lives. You know priorities come in there. The priority is: what is the most important thing in one’s entire life. The greatest gift that God can give to us is one thing; which is something one discovers when one does not have it anymore and that is health. It is and should be imperative that tuning in to that physical body and knowing where it stands each day; tuning in to that mental body and knowing do I have the right and left brain in some kind of balance? If you doubt it, then be a tree for a minute. Stand on one leg and bend up the other knee and think of yourself as a tree and see if you can stand on either leg, balanced without tottering. It will tell you in a minute which side you are off on.

Also, remember that the difference between sight and perception are two different things. You may have 20/ 20 vision but this is no criterion whatever to judge what you perceive that day, that hour and that time because you may see 20/ 20 but you may have little or no perception working. The act of perceiving means to look at nature. Go to and open the window or go to the back door, look out and see what you perceive that’s not the all over picture of looking at the pasture and seeing the cow, as we do when we are in our dyslexic moods, but looking out there and seeing the far horizon. One of the most beautiful advanced retreat practices that we have in the Sufi work is looking at infinity. If you have ever been in that space where you can look out at the endless blue sky and set your eyes at infinity and inhale the sensation that you get. This is a wonderful way to start the day if you have that view and if you do not then you have to do that within yourself. The purpose of all concentration, contemplation, meditation is to get to that place where you feel you are not together and can temporarily stop, look within, center within and discover what the condition that you are in today is. How is my health all told: how am I mentally, how I am physically, how am I emotionally? What is my spiritual state and finally, can I socialize with my own kids or my wife or am I in such a state that I say, don’t bother today I will have breakfast out. One of the first symptoms of being anti social for the day is to not want to be with the family or deal with the kids, as that is where it is at. We have to have all five of those in our consciousness if we are to recognize and sustain a real state of health within our individual beings. Again, if one of those is off, not to dwell upon that but recognize that it is there and make that vow that I am going to deal with this today, not put it off, not wall it off and not put it into a back compartment. I will deal with this today and make it my first priority for self.

You see health depends upon more than all we have been taught about brushing our teeth, ablutions, getting on the scale and seeing that our weight is what it should be for our height, that we have not eaten too much salt and our blood pressure is not off, etc. Believe me you can drive yourself up the wall if you concentrate on these things particularly first thing in the morning. Don’t do it; but have a look at the whole picture and vow what we are going to work on that day. One thing only and in that way we might say that the good individual healer is the existentialist for they take one day at a time and work on one thing at a time. See in our time, we are so tuned to more and more as better and better, right? That we keep adding more and more to our schedules, more of what we expect of ourselves, of what our mates expect of us, what our children expect of us, and pretty soon it becomes so overwhelming. The whole concept that Hazrat Inayat Khan gave to us and that all spiritual healers give to us in all times that one must have activity and repose, yin/yang, jelal/ jamal in the Sufi terminology has been totally forgotten. It begins by stopping one’s self and making one’s self relax. You can start in the morning in such a tense position that you have to remind yourself to lift your shoulders up or flex your muscles in order to really determine that you have it together at all. That kind of unhealthy attitude in the morning begins the night before when one goes to sleep.

Did you take the time to kneel before your bed, to straighten out the body and open up the palms in the corpse position and raise the palms toward the heavens while stretching out flat on the back? Take a reading of what is happening to the muscle groups in the body: in the chest, the muscles in the shoulders; can we tense them totally to find out and then relax them totally to find out and then relax them totally to see how far they go down. That is the way to test one’s self and it is devotion in itself. It is a type of prayer; a prayer that is said without words and is testing nerves and muscles in the body to find a way of perfection that was created to be. And if I am not, then I am going to get it straight before I go to sleep tonight. I am going to stick my neck up there and hold it tight, tense it as hard as I can and then I am going to relax it down and let it go. I am going to do the same with my shoulders. All of this one can do lying flat on a bed, lifting the shoulders as high as one can and then down after having tensed them. Pull up the arm and tense it as hard as one can, let it back down again gently. Tense the fists as hard as one can, and then relax them totally. Start working on the torso and lift up the chest, hold those muscles up there, then let them down. Go to the tummy, suck in as hard as one can, relax and let it go out; the same with the knees. One can tense the upper part of the legs and the knees without any outer form at all; the muscles will tense at command. Hopefully hold it at least to the count of five for each of these groups, and then relax them. The same with the foot; when one gets down to the anklebone, pull it up in bed and hold it as tight as one can for five counts, then relax. Stretch out the toes, splay out the toes, with great tension, while counting to five, and then relax them.

Then after you have taken care of the physical body, before you go to sleep, talk to your mental body and remind yourself that you are God’s perfect child in God’s perfect universe. The only imperfection is thought: what you believe! What you have taken as fact may be fancy tomorrow. Release all of that mental stuff. I always say the best way to do it if you are working out in the world is as soon as you enter your house test yourself right away and ask what am I carrying home? If there is anything at all that you are carrying home from work, take a walk around the garden (or the block) and come in again. That which you bring into the home from the outside ruins your castle, the one place that you have to retreat to in peace. You know how upsetting it is if you open that door and you run into all the problems of the day: the kids, spouse, the mother or father and the neighbors affect you like a bombardment as you are already overloaded from the day’s work and then you come in and have it hit you again. This is what I mean by leaving that world outside the door and holding that. That also is meant for the person who is inside the household too; not to meet the person coming in with the deluge of the day’s problems. Let that settle. In the Old Dutch household they said, “Feed the man before you tell him the truth.” There is a lot in that, so wait until the meal is over. Don’t hit the person at the door. This has a lot to do with mental health, because if you see that there is a retreat that one’s home is tuned in then maintain it in that way. Then you too have a place to retreat to; it is there and that peace could be and should be what home means to you and you can imbibe it and be part of that. Then you do not carry that to bed at night and you do not have that struggle to let down that nervous muscular tension that all of this thinking and mulling and worry has brought into the physical body. You can dedicate yourself in a moment to being that perfect image that you were created to be and mean it. It does not have to be a long one, it is a type of prayer that goes back to the creation, way back in your cells and your angelic heritage before you came down through the Jinn plane and took your first breath and met up with the world and all of its problems and adapting to all these different personalities. You started out in the perfect image of the divine being and you descended and all of your lives you are ascending again: step-by-step, climbing to that divine perfection that you were created for. Does this depend on a perfect body? No, it does not. Some of the most advanced Sufis I know are the ones who have had to overcome the greatest of physical defects. That is because they have had to live above it, to extend the consciousness so that it healed the spirit. It is the spirit of man that is the great healer. When I asked you in the beginning to center into that core which you felt was your core that is the spirit. The spirit, which Hazrat Inayat Khan said, drives the soul into manifestation. That spirit, which no matter what becomes or happens to the physical body, drives you to heal yourself, drives you to go back to the impossible and to make it the possible in your life and your physical body. It begins in that attitude, in that attitude of believing that the perfection does not lie in what happens to that body, but in what we accept as happening to that body. If you accept the limitation it will increase, just as if you accept pain then it will not diminish. We must go back to that core and call upon that spirit that drove us into this existence and that pulls us through the traumas of our lives. If we develop a strong spirit then we may overcome the flesh in many, many ways. Nurture that spirit and be aware of that spirit and its power to guide, guard and heal you. Then, you can relax down into your night’s sleep. This is the difference between troubled dreams and peaceful dreams. It also has to do with the spiritual state that if we go to bed with bad conscience then we certainly wake up with a bad pain somewhere. The conscience must be released every night. Some people do it through prayer; some people do it through thought that is forgiveness.

There are many prayers and they come from many different sources that at oneness they are speaking to the higher being which the Sufi says is within the self. You see this is where we differ from outer religious teaching because that teaching teaches you about God, Jehovah or the Father out there. It is always up there and out there; something who is quality or being or spirit, who guards and guides us and determines our behaviors and judges our behaviors. Whereas; the Sufis see the divine being as residing in every living creature, within every living element and in every different form of life. When you accept that being, it is a wonderful release to the conscience because the divine being residing within your heart is monitoring and telling you and keeping you paced and keeping you balanced all the time. When that goes off the least bit, you know it and you sense it, you intuit, you feel it. If you are wise, you straighten that out before you go to sleep. You do not have to write a letter or telephone the person or anything like that, just think of that (S-oB) that pushed you in the corner at work and is doing everything they can to stop your advancement and how could this happen to me and instead turn that around. Say, out of the higher being of my inner self, out of that divine spirit which is a part of my creation and my consciousness, I totally forgive this person for their lack of perception, understanding and feeling. (NOTE: TAPE 2) With perspective, one can see what came out of that event that put you into another state of consciousness and in time became a plus rather than a minus. Sometimes, depending upon the patient, it is good to sit down and list those things when they are in that mood and are telling you: what an onslaught this is, I feel like I was picked out or some bad luck surrounds me or some witchcraft has taken me over. Have them list all of those negative things and then go back and put a positive next to each one developing another column and put down what was the good which came out of this. It is amazing as there is always a positive for every negative thing. They can find it and they have to find it because it is the individual’s discovery of that within one’s own evaluation and thinking that erases the doubt and puts the positive witness back within one’s heart and back within one’s spirit so that key point of healing can take over and work from within. The will becomes strong, the aura becomes strong around the body, and the magnetic field begins to increase and the tone of the whole body changes. That is where it is at then.

To know how to increase that power of healing thought by concentrating on the blessings of life is the best thing that can be done. The remembrance of the birth of a child, the remembrance of a Bar Mitzvah, the remembrance of a first success after sometimes years of the child marking time before deciding to get on the ball and take a leap, and they all do. But it is the patience needed to wait for that time and to build the witness within the human being and it is always the child within the human being who reacts this way in times of accident or long illness. We have to do a healing process there.

Getting the person to witness the positivity in their lives at a time when it is going very negative. That does not mean that you do not face it honestly and straightforward as you do. Lecturing, reminding and prodding really are not the answer. It is the overemphasis and the over sincerity of those who want to help in the healing process which really makes it hang on longer than need be. If they can turn that around and help that child see the long distance view of what is going to be attained eventually, not what one is going through. That trauma of transition, which is a healing process, is sometimes a combination of bodies, not always just in one body. It can be a physical, an emotional and a mental onslaught and it can be a social onslaught. It is the child within the individual who suddenly realizes that his ideal has been destroyed, thrown out of perspective and must be brought back into perspective so that the spirit within will witness positively the long distance goal and not what is happening today.

Right here in this community we had that wonderful example of Tui. When I first saw Tui this summer at camp, I was just so delighted as I had rooms next to his and out of those rooms came this hilarious, fun, giggling and laughing; I did not know who the family was in that room. Came the morning when Tui’s wife came out, I said “are you in that room?” She said “yes and the whole family with me.” The door was open; here was Tui on the bed with this leg that I could not see how it could possibly be healed well enough for that wrestling and giggling and tickling. It was just marvelous; the joy that he was bringing into that room, and he was still recovering from the loss of his leg — but the spirit was so strong and permeated right through the walls. The joy of that family and what they were sharing was the most healing thing that ever could have happened. I thought that is why Tui has healed so well. The witness of that family to the condition which he had was totally forgotten in the spirit of this man who could rise above it and play with his children and have fun in between the suffering times. There is a great lesson in that! Great reinforcement which I love to see, to obey the laws of God by doing God’s will and releasing all the results to him. Whatever has happened can be offered up and that is probably the greatest release from long term suffering that a person can make or a loved one make for them. Even, I say, when a person is unconscious he still can hear within… the astral body can pick up that impression and carry it to that human heart. The heart hears too, you know.

The Sufis have always taught about the left ear, whispering into the left ear even when that person is unconscious can be done, especially when there has been a strong head injury and the person is unconscious over a period of time. It is very helpful for a person to go close to that person’s head and whisper that positive affirmation. The spirit will be escaping in and out of the body and if you are sitting there watching that hospital monitoring machine it can be a frightening thing because you can see the changes, how the electro magnetic field swerves away from the heart and then comes back again strongly and those curves are going up and down and those blips are very uneven. That is the time to make the positive affirmation in a whisper into that left ear. It has brought many people out of long term comas where nobody was getting anywhere with them. Many of our advanced sheiks have said to me that they (unconscious) are just playing games and they could come back if they wanted to. I have taken that attitude that we must not analyze and judge it but work on it with the tools which we have. Whisper that positive affirmation into that left ear which carries it to the heart.

It can be done with transitions of children who are going through very difficult times when they are first going to sleep, just gone to sleep, and the conscious mind has cooled down and the subconscious is taking over and the positive affirmation whispered into the left ear will reach the consciousness of that child and will make it work up from the subconscious to the conscious mind in a personal affirmation that heals and brings them through it. This is a very old and a very ancient trick but it works. It is placing the sign of victory where the outer visualization shows anything but this. It is tremendously important that the healer do this and not lose faith in that. Do it persistently and consistently and it will work.

Another great trick to do on that is to state and believe that your faith is a power and that you can visualize the activity of that healing even as you look at a symptom or a behavior that is very discouraging or you look upon the condition of the physical body that just really makes you shake your head and think how could it ever heal and be perfect again. You can and you must do it as that because that is where your healing power is transmitted to the individual and that power grows. Saying,” You are looking fine today” when the person just got a look at themself in the mirror and knows that they never looked worse in their whole life is not the way. But to say to the person specifically and directed right at the most negative painful point, “I see improvement today and it is great. It is a small section but great improvement. I am encouraged” and you look it in your face and shoot those positive rays from your eyes. How do you get that when you are beaten down or when you enter some of those rooms where so much is taken out of you? You must practice with the light and use the power of the sun and it’s reflection on every bit of life which you see. You can do this while walking to work and walking home again. Every time you see a reflection of light on the water, pop your eyes and look at it, inhale it, close your eyes and exhale it to your heart. You see as healers we have to gather, build all the time the energy which we give out. It doesn’t just flow from being a hollow reed; it flows from being a receptive receptor. You are the receptor and the more you can pull that light into your eyes and direct it to your heart, then the more you have something to give out through the glance.

The Sufi teaches the glance and the education of the glance as one of the great powers of healing and it only works when you consciously work at it every day. You will see many people who will touch the feet of the teacher or, in eastern countries, bow the inner eye to touch the foot of one who is highly developed in the healing arts. That is to pick up impress and an impression is terrifically important. Someone the person has honored and admired when they are in good health just walks in the room and holds the person’s hands or feet and looks into the eyes and doesn’t have to say a word and walks out. The state of the patient might not allow more than that. But you do it on a regular basis and holding that image, that picture of the person’s outer view before your inner eye view when you are not with them only takes seconds to do. You can be doing the dishes or working on an engine or doing the most mediocre things, but not driving your car. I do not advise that; but that image can flash before your eyes. When it works the most efficaciously is when the image comes to the inner eye when you are not thinking of that person at all and you might say, I had a flash of the face or the being right then. Put it to work because that flash does not come without there being a thought form, a thought wave length across the mesh which we spoke about that connects us with every being and with the whole universe. It is triggering that electric current that is coming through and at that point when it transmits to you is the point when you can transmit it back with positive power and positive imprint. It takes seconds to do and it is the way that it works. It is the only way that healers are able to handle these long lists of people they work on. Their lives go on, their own healings go on, their tests and duties of their lives go on every day and this is the way they handle it. They learn on the flash as they receive it and give it back.

Those are a few of the things which Sufi healing means. It is physical, it is mental, it is electrical, it is magnetic and it is above all else positive visualization and has the ability in its higher development with the healers who have been working on it for some time; they know there are other tricks which they have learned and how to use those to make them work.

I would like to end with our prayer that is the simplest one, not the formal one which we use in our healing service, but the prayer Nayaz. We should do Nayaz every day without fail the moment we see what kind of a day it is and how the sun looks. Sometimes it is a little light ball through the fog and sometimes it will be a great reflecting orb up there. Whenever you do it, I want you to do it in this way.

Would you all please stand for this; lifting your palms up and lifting your head saying the prayer, Nayaz from Hazrat Inayat Khan.

“Beloved Lord Almighty God
Through The Rays of the Sun
Through The Waves of the Air
Through The All Pervading Life in Space
Purify and Revivify Us
And We Pray, Heal Our Bodies Hearts And Souls.”
Bring the palms back down to the earth saying “Amen”.

Then we have recognized the light, pulled it through our beings and dismissed it again. Very short, very efficacious and can be used line for line for the individuals you are working for too.

May the blessings of God rest upon you
Surround you with love and with light
And may the power of healing come into your hearts and your minds and your hands
And make of your chakras that hollow reed so that you may heal your loved ones
And those that you surround yourselves with that are beyond self, beyond the intimate family
So the whole of humanity may be graced by the healing light.