Murshida Vera Corda, Ph.D.

From the 8th millennium B.C. when the New Order began on Earth with plowing, seeding, reaping, unmowing and harvesting the crops, Great Good Mother Earth became man's provider and sustainer. Only civilization has made us forget and forsake this gift of the Spirit.

The first stage is in remembering again the Source from which the Soul came. Determination reestablishes the goal as self-mastery and order now demand the commitment of each person on the earth plane. The illusion that we inhabit the surface of Mother Earth only, separate and unbelieving that from her dust we came and to her dust we shall return, causes us to toil. Just as the community of man developed through staying-put, tilling the soil, sowing, cultivating, growing and harvesting, so individually an awakened man consciously progresses in Spirit through this evercycling process in life, as he or she inhales the magnetism and cultivates the field of self.

To toil, one must be committed to a goal, or one would give up the first day. Toiling is a pattern of life monitored by the rising and setting sun, focused upon cultivating the soil of self and rewarded by self improvement. In the process one must be willing to break the crust, clear out the foreign matter, break up the clods of unknowing and ready the being for new life.

Because toil is hard work, self committed, it makes man sweat out the impurities, cleanse the glands and transform the channels of breath. The sense of accomplishment resides in each day's work accomplished. At times, the field seems endless as one plods along seeming to drag one's feet. Only in looking back at each day's work is it possible to see the miracle of what one has attained in preparing the field for change

Viewing the fields on the surface only, the general effect of Mother Earth is seen. Seeking the quality of that soil as the farmer holds the clod of earth within his hand; crumbling it, smelling its aroma, tasting its clay, its color and texture, Mother Earth becomes a Being. The knowledge of her body relates to our own with its solid outer form. The hard granite and basalt of that crust must be broken through. Here the minerals are found and the elements exist. Beneath this crust the black magnesium iron silicate of the mantle are discovered with their great strength and rigidity, the qualities which drive us to toil on, even as we hold on desperately to the rigid patterning that must be broken through. And at the core, the dense iron and nickel, the solid foundation of our character is perceived.

To know that beneath our feet this exists is to give reason enough to the toil and tears one must go through to break through the crust, discover and nurture the elements of our bodies and attain the core of our being. The toil, the sweat, the aching muscles and objecting nerves, the tears, are the price we pay to enter at the toll gate. How smooth the Path that toil has made possible, how grand the view, how deep the realization that if we injure one part of her crust we desecrate a part of our own being! Slowly, we learn that toil purifies and transmutes the base ores to fine, shining metal of beauty and strength that is immortal.

When Mother Earth becomes a living, pulsing being with magnetism, emotions and attributes comparable to that which we embody, there can no longer be separation and desecration. For this we toil, for this we labor. In reality, we are One -- Love Harmony and Beauty, through the seasons of our lives in Her, and of Her.